Malmö Arena hotel

Malmö Arena Hotel is our first recommendation and it is adjacent to the Exhibition building. Just walk across the street. The hotel is newly built and has a sky bar with a view of large parts of Skåne and Denmark.

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We have reserved most of the hotel and received good agreed prices. From SEK 895 to SEK 1195 per night including VAT.

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Please note that the correct date of arrival and departure must be stated in order to receive the special price. The price applies to a limited number of rooms.
For bookings of 4 rooms or more, please email your inquiry to:


Both room and restaurant are paid with your credit card.


There is plenty of parking next to the hotel and the exhibition. All parking is subject to a surcharge fee.

Close to everything

Both the hotel and the exhibition are approximately 300 meters from Malmö/Hyllie train station. Here you will find Copenhagen/Kastrup trains, SJ-trains, and local Pågatåg and Öresundståg.

We recommend to go by train!