New date for Nordia 2020 will be December 4-6, 2020.

As the corona crisis appears to last longer than we hoped, the Exhibition Committee has decided to postpone implementation until the first weekend in December. We hope that all dealers and exhibitors will follow and contribute to a good Nordia exhibition. We also open up for more exhibitors to apply until August 30. We can also welcome a few more dealers.

Planning an event of this size with corona hanging over it is frustrating. We are convinced that most things will be better when we have now decided to move the exhibition to December, says Chairman Lars Nordberg.

Bulletin 2 is comming

The planning for Nordia 2020 has come a long way. Bulletin 2 is on its way out to exhibitors and dealers and other interests. Read it...

740 applications

Now we have received applications from 137 exhibitors with a total of 740 frame pages. In addition, about 80 frame pages in the invited class.

The Royal Philatelic Society London

On Friday, September 4, RPSL has an public program at MalmöMässan Convention Center as well as an evening dinner at Malmö Live for members and guests. There will also be an anniversary reception at the Postiljonen office. Read more...

UniqUnique items are exhibited

At Nordia, the Club de Monte Carlo will exhibit over thirty philatelic items which are among the rarest in the world

Iceland. The most beautiful of only 16 covers known with the first issue of Iceland. Sent from Ökrum 1873 with 4 skilling and the only one of these covers cancelled in nearby Hjardarholt. A Nordic “Crown Jewel”.

Norway. A fantastic and unique telegram envelope
with three copies Oscar I 8 skilling sent by and cancelled on board the steamer “DAMPSKIBET BERGEN”. One of the great Scandinavian maritime mail rarities.
Bahamas. The only strip of four known in used
condition of the first stamp of this archipelago issue from 1859. It is the largest multiple recorded. A major piece from the Caribbean Islands in exceptional quality.

Fraud Mails

Fraud mails are being sent out. Someone are sending some mails telling it comes from Nordia 2020. Do not answer them! The sender is: ""

Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 inclusive The NORDIA 2020 Special Regulations (IREX) is now available. Do you want to read it...

reserve a dealer’s stand

An invitation to reserve a dealer’s stand is now published. Read more...